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A Grade Clear Quartz | Crystal Decor by WILDBUBZ®
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Clear Quartz Crystal Points | WILDBUBZ®

Our WILDBUBZ® Boho inspired A Grade Clear Crystal Quartz points measure approximately 4cm x 2cm + weigh approximately 20gm 
Please note these are a natural item so size, weight and colour may vary. 

A little about Clear Cystal

Clear Crystals are one of the most common and abundant types of crystals that can be found on earth.
And even though they’re called Clear Crystals, they range from clear, milky, cloudy, to almost opaque. 
Clarity and clearness is found to be more valuable.

They occur in different configurations and shapes, but the most common are hexagonal ones.
Clear Crystals are sometimes known as Rock Crystals, and they possess powerful vibrations and amazing metaphysical properties.

These crystals can be found anywhere in the world, but some of the best kinds of Clear Crystals can be found in the USA, Madagascar, and Brazil.
Clear Crystals are formed in different hexagonal structures, and they are given distinguishing names so that they can be easily recognized.

*Please note we make no claims, the following information is based on other peoples beliefs*

It is beleived they have different attributes and are used for different purposes as well.
Many people beleive that in the metaphysical world, Clear Crystals are one of the supreme gifts of the earth, and that
Even the smallest piece of Clear Crystal is imbued with wonderful properties that heal, teach, protect, and uplift.
It is believed that these crystals are alive, taking a breath after a few hundred years, that people think that they are divine incarnations.
Many people still beleive today and will not argue that Clear Crystals are kind of living beings because they are ancient and wise, and they are only willing to connect when someone is willing and ready to receive.

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