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Genuine Fluorite Quartz | Crystal Decor by WILDBUBZ®
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Fluorite Crystal Points | WILDBUBZ®

Our WILDBUBZ® Tropical Boho inspired Fluorite Crystal Quartz points measure approximately 9cm x 2cm + weigh approximately 40gm 
Please note these are a natural item so size, weight and colour may vary. 

A little about Fluorite

Fluorite is made up of calcium fluoride and has a transparent or translucent appearance.Sometimes it can be a colorless crystal, but other times it can also be purple, blue, green, yellow, or pink, or other combinations of these colors.
Fluorite is sometimes called fluorspar. The name is derived from the Latin word ‘fluo’, meaning to flow.
It’s one of the most sought after and most collectible crystals in the world because of its luminosity and beauty. It has a soft and glassy appearance that is often very vibrant and tropical.

It can be most commonly found in China, Peru, Brazil, the UK, USA, and Canada.

*Please note we make no claims, the following information is based on other peoples beliefs*

Commonly believed to improve concentration on the things and the people that enrich your life, also allow you to cut through the illusions and deal with the truth with grace and confidence.


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