Toy Size / Shape Testing Tool Information

This testing tool is designed to match details in Section 5.3: Test for shape and size of certain toys in the Australian toy safety standard AS NZS ISO 8124.1. This section of the test is used to determine if a toy may be a choking hazard to a child 36 months old or younger.

Please note that size and shape are not the only requirements for a toy to pass Australian safety standards, and that a home test cannot replace the accuracy and certainty of a professional test conducted by a certified laboratory.

Parts Included:

  • 4x side pegs

  • 11x plates


  • The first thing you will need to do is stack up all of the plates as straightly as you can. Keep in mind that any misaligned pieces will make it difficult to attach the side pegs.

  • Use flat surfaces to help line up the plates, such as by placing one side edge flat on a table. You may also try to use other flat objects to align the other sides of the plates.

  • Place each of the side pegs into the corresponding notches in the plates which you are holding aligned together. If you have difficulty getting the peg in, this will be because one or more of the plates are slightly misaligned.

How To Use:

Once the testing tool has been fully constructed, place it on a flat and level surface with the hole positioned vertically.

Orientate the toy to be tested in a position which would most likely permit the entry of the toy through the opening in the testing tool. Move the toy towards the hole in the position described. To test correctly, do not force the item, but instead allow only the weight of the item itself to push into the hole.

Repeat the test using all angles which may allow the item to pass through the hole.

If any part of the item penetrates below the exit hole in the bottom of the test tool then the item has failed the size / shape test.