Soother Holder / Dummy Chains | General Use & Care

Cosmetic Wear & Tear, What You Need To Know

Please note that signs of cosmetic wear and tear can start within weeks of use.


There are strict guidelines on the properties of materials used for dummy chains (aka Soother Holder / Dummy Clips). This means that while the item is resistant to snapping, breaking, releasing small parts, and etc, there is a level of care required to keep the item looking it's best cosmetically. This care is required to ensure the longevity of any included non-toxic water based paints, prints, and finishes, as without care these aspects are likely to degrade rapidly..


Wild Bubz® products include natural materials, such as non-toxic untreated hardwood, and as is the case with wood products, the material may darken or fade over time. Non-toxic clear sealed, raw, and engraved wood beads / clips are the most resistant to cosmetic wear, where as prints or paints may start to rub off or show other signs of use over time. These changes are not an indication that the item's integrity and safety has been compromised, nor that the item is faulty, and as such you will be able to continue to use the product as normal.


Naturally, babies will try to mouth, chew, or lick on things. For soother holders, this should be avoided. It is important to note that saliva and vomit will likely soften the wood / paints / finishes over time, and that chewing or mouthing will further contribute to abrasions and possible chipping of the coating / paints / finishes on the product.

Contact with the following should be avoided to extend the cosmetic appearance of your Wild Bubz® Soother Holder:


* Extreme humidity and heat

* Fluids, including but not limited to; water, saliva, vomit, juices, teas, milk, ect

* Foods of any kind

* Sand or dirt

* Excessive/abrasive cleaning and rubbing on painted / coated / printed surfaces


Correct Use For Your Soother Holder:

Wild Bubz® soother holders are not toys or teething products, and your baby / infant / child must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times while the item is in use. Ensure that only the actually dummy / soother /pacifier is placed in the baby's mouth. Do not allow your baby to put any part of the soother holder in his/her mouth. If your baby does so, remove immediately.

Do not use while your baby is in his/her cot, car seat, bassinet, pram or playpen, as the product can risk being caught and poses a strangulation risk.


Do not attach to accessories, bibs, collars, loose swaddles, open jackets, loose items of clothing or scarves as this poses a strangulation risk.

Do not lengthen or otherwise modify your soother holder.

Do not use as a 'toy saver' nor attach any toys or teethers to your soother holder.

Please only attach to thin materials in a secure position (eg baby's onesie or shirt) to ensure the clip is not stretched/broken by over extending pressure on the mechanism. Attempting to attach to thick clothing (such as a jacket or winter wear) may damage the clip and prevent it from closing properly during future use.


Secure the clip away from the baby’s mouth. Clipping towards the shoulders or chest position is best.


Always remove the soother holder while the baby is sleeping.


Always inspect the item before each use, to ensure that all parts are in undamaged and working order. Soother holders are constructed to pass specified safety standards, however continued use may lead to gradual wear and tear which may compromise this safety. It is advisable to discontinue use after 6 months.


Cleaning Your Soother Holder:

Please take note of the following instructions when cleaning your Wild Bubz® soother holder:


It is important to only very gently wipe your soother holder with a mildly damp soft cloth, with luke warm water only.

Do not immerse in water for any reason, such as; washing up in the sink, bath, shower, ocean, lakes or rivers, swimming pool, etc.


Do not use cleaning products of any kind.


Do not; boil, sterilise, put in the dishwasher, oven, or microwave.