30mm | DISK | Maple Wood Beads | Non-Toxic | as low as $0.99

30mm | DISK | Maple Wood Beads | Non-Toxic | as low as $0.99
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30mm | DISK | Maple Wood Beads | Non-Toxic | as low as $0.99

*NEW* Disk beads, by Teething Baby Australia + WILD BUBZ® Perfect for teethers, jewellery, crafts, teethers, macrame, keyrings, lanyards & much more! Our raw 100%  - natural non-toxic beads are pure, smooth and ready for use, no paints, oils, waxes or finished are used, making our wooden beads so popular. 

100% NON-TOXIC Hard Maple Wood 

We DON'T finish our eco wood products with any waxes or oils, so as to avoid toxicity and unexpected allergic reactions.

These are a natural wood product. As such, there may be a small degree of variation in size, shape, and grain, item by item. We do our best to ensure that only quality products are included with orders, but please be mindful of these small variations inherent in natural wood products.

Loose beads are not suitable for children under the age of 3 years old. Please do not allow children under the age of 3 to be left unattended with or play with loose beads. 

It is the responsibility of the purchasing customer to ensure that any items made using Teething Baby Australia products comply with all relevant rules and regulations applicable to the market in which the customer wishes to use/re-sell in. 

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